From Sketch to Screen: The 100 Years of Happily Ever After

March 29, 2024

The iconic Walt Disney Palace

The Disney 100: The Exhibition is an incredible honor for the magic and nostalgia that Disney has brought to our world over the past 100 years. This immersive exhibition pays tribute to the classic characters, happily-ever-after tales, and magical inventions that have influenced the entertainment sector and won over millions of fans all over the world.

Located at Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1FR

It is indeed a remarkable journey through the rich history and evolution of the iconic entertainment giant. This immersive experience takes you on a comprehensive tour, starting from the inception of the company to its diverse ventures, including short films, long-format movies, theme parks, and merchandise. 

Disney showcases various galleries within their exhibition, which narrate their story and highlight the significant milestones that contributed to their success:

Where It All Began: Discover the history of Disney, following its humble beginnings to its current status as a worldwide phenomenon.

Disney 100 The Exhibition's "Where It All Began" part transports you back to the Walt Disney Company's early years, bringing back fond memories. This immersive experience highlights the modest origins, the challenges, and the victories that resulted in the development of the globally recognized entertainment powerhouse.

Discover more about Walt Disney's life and career and his love of illustration, storytelling, and the arts. This also draws attention to the innovative methods and tools employed in those early stages, such as the creation of animation's synchronized sound and color.

Where Do Stories Come From: Delves at the craft of storytelling and how Disney's enthralling tales have captured the attention of audiences.

Disney 100 The Exhibition's "Where Do Stories Come From" section offers visitors an intriguing look into the thought process that went into creating the company's well-known narratives and characters. Using a variety of interactive exhibits and displays, this area highlights the craft of storytelling and gives visitors an understanding of how Disney's enchanted stories are created.

The Illusion of Life: Explore the realm of animation and discover the methods and tools used to bring Disney characters to life.

Disney 100 The Exhibition's Illusion of Life part takes you on an engrossing voyage through the core of animation, illuminating the methods and thought processes that give Disney's characters life. The fundamental principles of animation, which have served as the cornerstone of Disney's success since its founding, are on display in this immersive experience.

The Spirit of Adventure and Discovery: Go on amazing journeys and discoveries that have influenced Disney's history and motivated countless numbers of people.

Disney 100 The Exhibition's Spirit of Adventure and Discovery takes you into the heart of some of the most enchanting and renowned Disney environments. The spirit of exploration, adventure, and limitless creativity that has characterized Disney storytelling for decades is embodied in this immersive experience.

You'll come across several interactive installations and exhibitions that honor well-known Disney locations as you explore this area. Every setting, from the futuristic worlds of Disney's more recent productions to the enchanted woods of Disney classics, beckons you to enter the worlds of your beloved characters.

Magic Of Sound And Music: Immerse yourself in the harmonious world of Disney's iconic melodies and soundtracks.

Disney 100 The Exhibition's The Magic of Sound and Music takes visitors on a captivating trip through the development of the studio's recognizable tunes and soundtracks. This section highlights Disney's musical legacy, spanning from timeless animated features to contemporary blockbusters. It showcases the achievements of renowned songwriters and composers, investigates technological advancements in sound design, and provides interactive activities that let guests write original Disney music.

The World Around Us: Explore the inspiration behind Disney's beloved stories, as they draw from nature, culture, and the world we live in.

Disney 100 The Exhibition's "The World Around Us" section explores the diverse range of ideas that have influenced the creation of the company's engrossing tales and characters. This immersive area highlights the creative process and the variety of inspirations that have shaped Disney's narrative over the past century, ranging from nature and culture to the real world. A visual feast of artwork, exclusive behind-the-scenes looks, and captivating exhibitions will be offered to visitors, illuminating the many relationships that exist between the real world and Disney's fantastical realm. 

Innoventions: Step into the future of Disney entertainment, as you discover groundbreaking technologies and interactive experiences that continue to shape the Disney universe.

Disney 100: Innovations Exhibition presents the state-of-the-art interactive experiences and technology that have transformed Disney entertainment. As they follow the development of Disney's inventive spirit, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the brilliant blend of art, technology, and storytelling in this part. Innoventions provides an insight into Disney's future enchantment and its continuous influence on the entertainment sector, showcasing everything from innovative attractions to digital marvels.

Your Disney World: Experience the personal connection fans have with Disney through shared memories, cherished moments, and heartwarming stories.

Your Disney World allows guests to commemorate the beloved memories and intimate relationships that have made Disney a part of people's lives. This immersive space highlights the stories, special events, and emotional recollections of fans, demonstrating the emotional resonance and enduring attraction of Disney's stories, characters, and magic. This creates a feeling of connection and belonging by encouraging visitors to consider their personal Disney experiences as well as the enduring impact Disney has had on countless fans through interactive exhibits and captivating material.

The Wonder of Disney: Conclude your journey with a breathtaking celebration of Disney's 100-year legacy. Witness the evolution of Disney's iconic characters, timeless stories, and unforgettable moments that have touched the hearts of generations.

Disney 100 The Exhibition's Wonder of Disney part acts as a magnificent capstone, highlighting the enchanted legacy that has won millions of hearts over many decades. This immersive experience transports you to a visual journey charting the development of Disney's enduring tales, legendary characters, and remarkable moments. Admire the deft craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail that have made Disney a worldwide sensation, and consider the common experiences and feelings that have bonded fans all over the world. The Wonder of Disney is a touching commemoration of Disney's 100-year history that leaves guests with a fresh understanding of the enchantment that never ceases to amaze and delight people of all ages.

A Peek into the Next 100 Years: This exhibition offers a sneak peek at the innovative ideas and future developments of Disney.

Disney's magical universe never stops changing and captivating viewers with its ageless tales and cutting-edge production methods. It will become clear to you as you move through Disney 100 The Exhibition that this amazing adventure is only beginning. Disney keeps pushing the limit of creativity with new tools, new insights, and a steadfast dedication to storytelling. This section is proof of the brand's commitment to making memories that will last for future generations.

The exhibition also highlights the strategic acquisitions of other film studios like LucasFilms (Star Wars), Marvel, and Pixar, showcasing how they have become integral parts of the Disney family. Each segment is meticulously curated, providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane for Disney enthusiasts while educating younger generations about the brand's legacy. Overall, The Disney 100: The Exhibition is an engaging and informative must-visit for Disney fans and those interested in the world of entertainment.

The Laugh-O-grams are silent movies born to swing. From the start, Disney conceived his cartoons as a form of visual novelty jazz, filled with mock concerts and dance routines.

Entering Disney100 instantly immerses guests in a colorful, imaginative, and creative world. Carefully chosen pieces of original artwork, costumes, props, and interactive experiences highlighted how Disney's narrative has changed over the past century. These displays allow us to look into the creativity and attention to detail that goes into making these characters come to life on screen.

The trip starts with an overview of Walt Disney's humble beginnings, complete with drawings and early animation cells that show the creative mind behind this success. We are amazed by the delicacy and talent with which iconic figures like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Snow White were produced as we explore the exhibition.

Disney100 explores the heyday of Disney animation as well, featuring segments devoted to beloved pictures like Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella. Storyboards, original concept art, and behind-the-scenes photos provide an amazing window into the imaginative process that went into creating these beloved tales.

Interactive elements enable guests to fully immerse themselves in the enchantment of the exhibit. Participate in your favorite Disney settings, sing along to popular tunes, and even create your animated masterpieces. These compelling experiences make the exhibition a must-see for both die-hard Disney fans and casual admirers.

Disney100 offers a look into the future of Disney storytelling in addition to being a celebration of the past. Disney's next chapter in history is being shaped by the exhibition's unique storytelling methods and modern technology. With its realistic theatrical presentations and virtual reality experiences, Disney100 attracts audiences and leaves them wanting more from this legendary brand.

The exhibition is an amazing recognition of imagination, inventiveness, and magic spanning a century. Fans have a rare chance to explore new facets of the Disney world and relive treasured moments with this exhibition. Disney100 is a must-see event that will deepen your understanding of Disney's enchantment with its careful curation, captivating interactive features, and breathtaking visuals.

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