The Nethernauts: A Realm of Hope, Despair, and Self-Discovery

February 19, 2024

The Nethernauts, a testament to Kane's storytelling prowess, effectively weaves a tale of hope, despair, and self-discovery at White Bear Theatre.

The Nethernauts by Tom Kane

Part of Tom Kane's Liminal Cycle, The Nethernauts is a theatrical production that skillfully blends humor, mystery, and mythology. The drama explores the lives of two business executives, Anthony Essential and Wristwatch, as they negotiate the harsh realities of the corporate world against the backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis.

Photo credits: Lance Penez

A gripping story that tackles themes of hopelessness, the importance of non-material parts of life, and the struggle to find a route back to reality is told from the perspective of three lost souls roaming the realm of Limbo.

With just four brilliant actors, the production brings out the best in each of them. Audiences are treated to a dynamic and engrossing experience as the cast members switch between roles with ease. The intimate atmosphere of the performance is enhanced by the small space, which gives the impression that the audience is a part of the narrative itself.

Kane authentically captures the disgraced CEO, giving a character driven by soundbites and success credibility. As Bits, Katie Georgiou excels, capturing the physicality of the part and delivering perfectly timed comedy beats. But the one who really sticks out as Wristwatch and the Fallen Angel is Noah Marullo. His ability to shift between the ethereal mystique of the latter and the unpleasant pain of the former is impressive, displaying a raw emotional range that lingers.

Katie Georgiou, Tom Kane, Siân Davis.
Photo credits: Lance Penez


The portrayal of the young and aspirational Wristwatch by Noah Marullo, which blends charm, poignancy, and brightness, further enhances entertainment value. Tom Kane captures the mood in a way that is both sincere and depressing.

Photo credits: Lance Penez

Essential finds Bits and Pieces, portrayed by Katie Georgiou and Siân Davis, respectively, who beautifully depict the searching Nethernauts, as he ventures throughout Limbo. The link between the executive world and the sub-world is intriguing. With Marullo's portrayal of the Fallen Angel, the plot becomes more intricate.

The monster they created delivers a thrilling and suspenseful journey into the realm of sci-fi horror. The creators have successfully crafted a creature that is truly unsettling throughout the narrative.

The White Bear Theatre

The play presents a compelling story and effectively communicates its themes. Huge appreciation should be extended to James Barlow for his directing of this engrossing physical theater production. The inventive use of basic props like sheets and a mask turns the stage into an ethereal place where the audience can become completely engrossed in the narrative. The otherworldly creature's portrayal is especially amazing since it eloquently captures the audience's attention and effectively communicates its feelings with each movement.

Photo credits: White Bear Theatre

Given the limited resources and little stage in the room above the bar, the technical components of the production are excellent. The play's concept is nicely complemented by the eerie atmosphere that is created through the use of sound design. The overall effect is eerily beautiful, yet the scene-setting at normal times might be more effective. Another impressive feature is the cast's skill with makeup, which deftly enables him to adopt a new character and enhance the narrative with nuanced revelations.

A compelling and expertly crafted theatrical play, The Nethernauts highlights the skill of both the crew and the actors. With its captivating plot, deft use of music and lighting, and thought-provoking themes, the play provides an amazing voyage into Limbo's depths and the complexity of the human experience.

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