The Korean Quartet’s Intricate Soundscape

January 1, 2024

At The Barbican Centre, the Korean quartet put on an incredible show. They create an emotional strength that is truly unique, making them one of the festival's most captivating acts overall. The group's ability to meld different soundscapes demonstrated the inventiveness and skill of the more recent Korean music scene.

Sun-Mi Hong leading the quartet at Milton Court, The Barbican.

Renowned percussionist Sun-Mi Hong leads an incredible quartet in a K-Music festival performance. This collaboration between improvisation and traditional Korean music promises to be an entertaining experience, with talented improvisers exhibiting their vivid blend of jazz and Korean music.

Song Yi Jeon is known for her signature “east meets west” sound.

Hong, an Amsterdam resident, jazz soprano and composer Song Yi Jeon from Basel, composer, and daegum soloist Hyelim Kim from London, and pianist Gee Hye Lee make up the quartet. The flawless chemistry between these amazing musicians surely creates a tapestry of captivating rhythms and melodies that honor the wide spectrum of musical expression.

Hyelim Kim and her unique blend of approach.

The soundscape gains depth and complexity from the brilliant piano playing of Gee Hye Lee, while traditional Korean music is viewed from a fresh angle by Song Yi Jeon's jazz background. Hyelim Kim on daegum, whose mastery of the bamboo flute really dominates the stage. Her command of shifting overtones, sharp buzzes, and soft murmurs, all the while retaining an intensity and closeness that captivated and mesmerized.

Gee Hye Lee has been recognized already at Baden-Württemberg Art Foundation Competition.

The skillful drumming of Hong provides a solid foundation for the group's improvisations, allowing each performer to realise their full creative potential and still produce a compact, thrilling set. The result is a remarkably engrossing experience that blends the spontaneity and adaptability of jazz with the lengthy tradition of Korean music. Her sensible and disciplined drumming creates a slinky, floating quality to the music that gave the set an air of mystery. The quartet’s ability to blend emotional effect shows how skilled they are as musicians.

Seoul My Soul Performance

There's more to the K-Music Festival than just music. It also strives to acknowledge innovation while maintaining cultural relevance. It's a tribute to Korean music that explores the boundaries of contemporary music while educating listeners about the rich cultural heritage of the nation.

The globalization of Korean culture has surely led to an increasing demand for more Korean content. Anyone who enjoys the intricacy and beauty of jazz and traditional Korean music will undoubtedly remember this performance. It is scarcely remarkable that this quartet, which has performed in a variety of settings around Europe, has received such high praise given the caliber of the group.

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