Queering The Future With Alexis Gregory

March 19, 2024

FutureQueer by Alexis Gregory at King's Head Theatre is a perceptive and captivating examination of queer experiences. Gregory made a name for himself as a historian of LGBTQ+ history. In FutureQueer, he carries on this legacy by exploring the development of queer culture and the struggles that the community faces.

Photo credits: Holly Revell

In this performance, Alexis Gregory effectively connects a tapestry of emotions as they look into the darker aspects of LGBTQ+ history while envisioning a transformative future where the queer community holds the reins. This interesting voyage provides the audience with a lasting impression because of its powerful blend of inspiration, worry, and sorrow.

This has been an extraordinary exploration of queer culture and identity that transcends the boundaries of time. It masterfully weaves together the past, present, and future experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, offering a unique perspective that feels akin to a queer "State of the Union." The production skillfully engages its audience, inviting them on a captivating journey through the complexities of queer existence.

Photo credits: Holly Revell

Gregory is a highly recognized writer and performer whose work never fails to engage audiences, igniting fresh debates and upending conventions. FutureQueer, which is set in 2071, is a sequel to his critically acclaimed work, Riot Act, which explored the history of the community. In this most recent project, pop culture analysis, speculative queer excavation, and a meditation on disco music as a symbol of queer resilience are combined to encourage audiences to explore an imagined LGBTQ+ future. With a blend of humor, insightful commentary, and thought-provoking subjects, FutureQueer aims to be as campy as it is thought-provoking.

Photo credits: Holly Revell

The performance covers a wide range of subjects, including drag avatars, unborn queer babies, and the possible future migration of LGBTQ+ people. Gregory's ability to craft a poignant, irreverent, and hilariously absurd experience that leaves audiences both entertained and thinking critically about the nuances of the queer experience in a future that is imagined is demonstrated by FutureQueer.

The iconic disco song I Feel Love symbolizes queer culture's adaptation and resilience, catalyzing their journey. Gregory considers the creation of this enduring masterwork to highlight the importance of respecting both our past and accepting change.

Photo credits: Holly Revell

FutureQueer is not without its comic moments, like its opening performance. However, it also delves into the darker aspects of the queer experience, acknowledging the recent rise of the anti-trans movement and the potential for anti-LGBTQ legislation to undo social progress.

Alexis Gregory's FutureQueer gives a distinct and subversive viewpoint on the imagined queer future, especially since February is LGBTQ+ History Month. This unique show appeals to audiences of all ages because it combines stand-up comedy, theater, DIY queer lectures, and pop-culture commentary.

The show promises to be a moving and outrageously funny experience at the same time. This enables viewers to engage with the power of disco music as a metaphor for survival while thinking through the intricacies of the queer experience in a fictitious future.

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