Love Steps In Modern Dating

April 12, 2024

Love Steps, penned and directed by the talented Anastasia Osei-Kuffour, is a captivating theatrical experience that delves into the complexities of love, identity, and self-worth now playing at Omnibus theatre, London.

Sharon Rose and Reece Richards.
Photo credits: Steve Gregson

Co-produced by Ebenezer Ademisoye and backed by MGC Futures and The Production Exchange, this provocative production is presented by Wasted Veil in partnership with To Entertainment. The protagonist of the tale is Anna, a young, aspirational Black lady with everything but love. She wonders if the pressure from society to find a significant other defines who she is as she makes her way through the dating scene of the twenty-first century. The play masterfully creates a dynamic and captivating atmosphere by fusing poetry, dance, music, and drama.

Photo credits: Steve Gregson

Love Steps uses poetry and rhyming verse to present a distinctive and engrossing viewpoint on dating and love. The protagonist of the tale is Sharon Rose's 34-year-old character Anna, who handles the turbulent world of contemporary relationships. Anastasia Osei-Kuffour, the play's director, uses a succession of photographs to show Anna's quest for the one as she struggles with both her own and society's expectations.

Photo credits: Steve Gregson

The play highlights the difficulties women, especially those of color, experience in today's dating environment as Anna meets numerous suitors, both online and off. Anna's online experiences with fetishization and objectification serve as a sobering reminder of the prejudices that still exist in our culture. There is constant pressure from family and friends to find a significant other and settle down, and they often provide expectations and unwanted advice.

Photo credits: Steve Gregson

The way Anna is portrayed in Love Steps as a contemporary, self-reliant woman who isn't afraid to redefine love on her terms, is among its most striking features. The piece deftly examines the different aspects of love and how our identities are entwined with them. It pushes viewers to reevaluate their preconceived notions and ideas about relationships and love.

Photo credits: Steve Gregson

When Anna meets a man she thinks would be her ideal match, her quest takes a different path. The stage changes to a sea of pink, signifying her fragility and newly discovered optimism. But after the first thrill wears off, Anna comes to terms with the possibility that her perfect future may not materialize. This devastating insight bears witness to the erratic nature of love and the possibility of relationship disappointment.

Photo credits: Steve Gregson

The concept of Love Steps is that finding love and connection is still a vital part of being human, even in the face of many obstacles and heartaches. The prospect of discovering that ideal mate sustains hope even in the midst of hardship. Anastasia Osei-Kuffour demonstrates her extraordinary storytelling skills by crafting a story that has a greater level of connection with the audience. The play's message is especially poignant and pertinent in today's world since it ocuses on the value of self-worth and self-esteem outside of sexual relationships.

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