Get Ready to B-E-A-T with Musical Bingo: A Fresh Take on Tradition

March 8, 2024

Are you ready now to P-A-R-T-Y?

Agency Unknown’s Musical Bingo is an enjoyable, unconventional experience for a pop quiz, featuring a lively atmosphere and post-work entertainment located at O’Neill’s in SOHO.

Musical Bingo card.

The excitement of your favorite music genres is combined with the thrill of traditional bingo to create an experience that is unmatched in Musical Bingo. The event is painstakingly planned to deliver excellent production qualities and a smooth transition between intense moments. Every guest is guaranteed an unforgettable evening of nonstop entertainment thanks to the innovative concept.

The crowd sharing good vibes.

The range of themes offered in each of the three rounds of Musical Bingo is one of its main attractions. Each event has a unique and captivating atmosphere since these themes are designed to appeal to particular demographics. With characters bringing their distinct charm to the stage, the show's brilliant DJs and MCs are a welcome complement.

The hosts welcome the audience onto the stage too!

Musical Bingo is unique among events since it takes a fresh approach to the classic bingo game. Rather than announcing numbers, the hosts play fast-paced musical medleys, which players cross off on their cards. This trick keeps the audience interested throughout the entire evening by adding an interesting layer of involvement.

Get ready to unleash your inner BINGO champion.

The primary games of Musical Bingo, which are separated into rounds with distinct themes, provide a novel and captivating experience. These themes can cover anything from certain musical eras to arbitrary subjects, making sure that every event is exciting and diverse. To call "bingo" when they get a complete house, players must tick off the songs they hear on their bingo cards.

Time to B-I-N-G-O this party!

As soon as a player completes one, two, or three lines on their bingo card, they win rewards. Every game is a thrilling undertaking because the person who reaches a complete house receives the top reward.

O’Neill’s Menu

Apart from being a fun game and occasion, Musical Bingo is also a great way to spend a night out with friends. Even when the music and good times take center stage, guests can anticipate a wide selection of food and beverages. Cocktails like margaritas and espresso martinis may be found on the drink menu. Along with these signature drinks, guests can also savor a wide assortment of beers, wines, ciders, juices, and even the bold tequila lemon jelly. There are also vegetarian and vegan options available to meet a range of nutritional needs. 

A warm welcome awaits us at O’Neill’s

Everyone is up and moving to the beat of their favorite songs due to the electrifying atmosphere and the dance floor action. Events with musical bingo offer a comprehensive experience that tantalizes the senses and your palate.

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