Diana: The Forgotten Narrative

June 25, 2024

With its unique and entertaining take on Princess Diana's life, The Untold and Untrue Story is currently making a royal appearance. This engrossing show, which was masterfully constructed by Awkward Productions, promises to present a fresh take on the story we believe we know.

A plethora of queer joy, drag, multimedia, audience participation, puppetry, and Diana's unwritten and untrue tale will be shared; be ready to be amused as you join her in heaven. The end product is a humorous and occasionally obscene homage to the cherished "People's Princess."

Image: Dave Bird

Linus Karp is the author and performer of Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story, a theatrical masterpiece. Known for their past hit performances, including "Gwyneth Goes Skiing,” Awkward Productions, experts in theatrical disorder, are bringing the production to life with backing from Arts Council England.

An entertaining mashup of a well-known royal scandal, nostalgia, and a lighthearted drag show is Diana: The Untold and Untruth Story. Lady Spencer is portrayed by Linus Karp with grace and finesse, telling the tragic story of a fantasy wedding gone wrong with great effect. The turbulent dynamics of Camilla and the Queen's relationship are emphasized throughout the entire show.

Although the story mostly centers on the well-known events in Diana's life, some motifs are repeated too often, including the famed "three people in this relationship" phrase. As such, the show does not provide the "untold and untrue" version of Diana's life that was promised. The climax feels more like an afterthought, despite the production's innovative artistic choices, such as portraying Camilla as a demonic rag doll.

Image: Dave Bird

Diana ultimately breaks free from the monarchy's confines in this play, speaking her un-truth from heaven and presenting herself as the strong, self-reliant woman she was destined to be. A must-see for anybody looking for a new and amusing perspective on the life of the People's Princess, the play has developed a cult following because of its inventive audience participation and extravagant representation of the royal family.

This one-of-a-kind and unforgettable homage to Princess Diana is not to be missed since it presents an original, hilarious, and nontraditional look at the life of a legend. 'Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story' is an engaging theatrical production that celebrates queer culture and offers an unconventional and fascinating perspective on her life. The show's cheerful tone could be appealing to audiences wanting a fun trip around the Diana theme park, but it’s not denied that some are looking forward to something more political.

Image: Dave Bird

It's not to be missed—this one-of-a-kind and unforgettable homage to Princess Diana presents a novel, lighthearted, and unusual look at the life of a legend thanks to its unique blend of theatrical elements, audience participation, and a celebration of LGBT culture.

'Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story' will take the stage at the new Kings Head Theatre from April 17 to May 5, 2024. This comes after a spectacular run at the Edinburgh Fringe, a UK tour, and an unforgettable night at The Clapham Grand in 2023. Don't pass up the opportunity to see an unmatched theatrical masterwork that is still making waves in London's cultural scene.

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