A Musical Testimony Of Just For One Day

February 21, 2024

Just For One Day recreates the thrill and a historic occasion that united people worldwide via the power of music and takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. This musical, which has a superb cast of legendary performers, humorously tells the tale of The Live Aid Musical and the individuals it touched.

Photo credits: Manuel Harlan

A remarkable group of 26 actors play the characters in the world premiere of Just For One Day, bringing to life each one of them and their unique experiences during this momentous occasion. The opera successfully conveys the spirit of a decade characterized by social transformation, political upheaval, and the contagious energy of neon and cacophony. The group looks great while wearing clothing that combines modern and historical looks. The amazing vocal range of Danielle Steele and Freddie Love's ridiculous Freddie Mercury impression are both fantastic.

Photo credit: Manuel Harlan

This musical masterpiece, which is currently enjoying a successful world premiere at The Old Vic, deftly illuminates the various stories and viewpoints of those who were present. It not only sheds light on the historic Live Aid event but also explores the struggles faced by individuals such as Abiona Omonua's Amara and Naomi Katiyo's Jemma, providing a new angle on how important it is.

Julie Atherton, who depicts Margaret Thatcher, along with her rap battle against Bob Geldof, is captivating and encourages viewers to support Bob as the underdog.
Photo credits: Manuel Harlan

The audience is taken back in time to a period when rock 'n' roll could unite 1.5 billion people worldwide. After seeing this incredible show, every guest will surely have a unique tale to share. The musical pays homage to both the sense of community that Live Aid promoted and the performers who played there.

Craige Els (Bob Geldof) and company.
Photo credits: Manuel Harlan

The compelling story by John O'Farrell and the stellar direction by Luke Sheppard guarantee that the viewer is fully submerged in the events of 1985. The musical doesn't hold back when discussing relevant social topics, like the difficulties black British aid workers encounter. This provocative component gives the story greater depth and elevates it above the level of a jukebox musical. The plot is strengthened by an engrossing soundtrack that includes tunes from Queen, David Bowie, The Police, and The Boomtown Rats.

Photo credits: Manuel Harlan

This production's musical presentation is one of its best features; it's clever and punchy at the same time. By avoiding a straight imitation of the well-known musicians they play, the actors are able to transform their voices and connect on an emotional level. Matthew Brind's updated musical arrangements have a genuine, heartfelt feel that highlights the song's enduring appeal. The choreography of Ebony Molina, combined with Sheppard's direction, results in a polished and visually appealing presentation.

Photo credits: Manuel Harlan

Craige Els as Bob.
Photo credits: Manuel Harlan

Furthermore, Craige Els' portrayal of Bob Geldof adds a fascinating complexity to the story. He gives the character a harsh, unpleasant attitude that makes it unlikely that the event will be a complete success. This tactic prevents the show from getting too sentimental. To sum up, Live Aid's sound and passion are honored in Just for One Day. It is clear that the nostalgic journey was a success. 

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